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I am going to talk you through another classic cocktail today: A Long Island Ice Tea.

Personally I’m not a fan of alcohol mixed with coke, whether it be mixed drinks, cocktails or (if you’re a German) beer.

But this is a popular cocktail, probably because of the alcohol content being higher than normal. So, if you’re looking to get drunk then this is the drink you’re looking for.

I only know two ways to make this drink; one of them looks like an Ice-Tea, one of them looks like a cocktail.

Which ever way you chose to make it, you’re going to need one highball glass (tall and slim glass), one cocktail shaker (any will really do the trick, but a tin and a Boston is better), cola, lemon juice, Tequila, Vodka, Tripple sec (or Cointreau), White Rum and Gin.

That is right, this cocktail has 5 different spirits. You need to be sparing with all of them; only using 15ml per drink (20 if you want to get reeeeally drunk)

1, Put spirits into the shaker with 15ml of lemon juice too.

2, Fill shaker with ice and SHAKE!

3, Fill glass with ice and pour coke into to just over half way.

4, Strain out the liquid from the shaker slowly onto the rest of the drink, drizzling it over the ice.

5, Garnish with a slice of lemon.

The effect that this method makes separates the spirit from the coke, so that the top half of the drink is clear, where as the bottom half is dark. This is just a fancy way of presenting it, on drinking the consumer should really mix it up- which then makes it look more like an authentic Ice-Tea. This is the method adopted by the International Bartender Association (yes this really does exist)Image

The other method that I know substitutes half the Coke for Sweet and Sour post mix, and then you mix it all up together without shaking anything. This option is slightly sweeter, and from my experience is more popular with Americans than Europeans (although that is merely an observation). This method however, does look like the off brown colour that an Ice-Tea should like. It really depends on personal preference!Image

Weirdly enough, neither recipes include any tea!